Surah Ar Rum With Urdu,English Translation Download

Surah Ar Rum listen to Urdu Urdu and read by Urdu tarjuma Molvi Fateh Muhammad Jalandari. Hurry Website offers full Surah Ar Rum. Mp3 audio with Urdu text and video. You can download Surat Rum in MP3. Format for computer and mobile devices. Listen and listen with Urdu translation of complete. Verses with Surah Ar Rum Riyadh Saheer Abdurrahman Assoda. And Shaikh reading this Urdu Voice Online online.

Surah Ar Rum With Urdu,English Translation Download

Listen to Surat Rama with English and English. Abdul basil abdul islam abdul jabar offers complete. Surah Ar Rum mp3 audio with English text and video. You can download Surat Rum in MP3 format. For computer and mobile devices. Surat Abdul Maqsud-ul-Rahman and Saud Sultan’s beautiful sounds. Include the English translation of the complete verses of Surah Ar Rum. Read online English translation (Tarma). You can read online online in English that you can read and read.

Survey begins with the recent defeat of the traders. In the war of Antonio by the Persians this defeat led. To an important ideological and social problem. For the early Muslim community. The Benedictine Christian and considering. Their ideology the state defeat them. It considered dual the official religion was agriculture. Surah is in response to non Muslim ceremonies. Who took this victory as a sign that traditional. Religions will get victory over Tawheed.

In the third and fourth verses the Muslim community promised. That the businessmen will deny them. In a few years defeated. The duration of the revelation of this Surah is exactly. Defined by the beginning of the event which mentioned.

Surah Ar Rum

The Romans demolished in the neighboring earth. In these days businessmen captured the Jordan. Syria and Palestine with the Arabs and in Rome. The Romans completely strengthened the Iranian in 615 AD. It can said with absolute belief. That this Surah sent in the same year. And it this year that Habib transferred.

Eight years the Prophet peace and blessings of Allaah. Be upon him the businessman Emperor Moris Fox. Captured the throne and became king. First executed five Emperors of the Emperor. And the Emperor killed in a welfare welfare in Kantnutenna. There a few days and his three daughters punished. The event provided Iran’s Sassand Khusro Pervez. A good moral excuse to attack the businessman. He was beneficial to the emperor Maurice with the help. He had received the throne of Iran.

Announced that he will take revenge for the furious. Anger of his God and his children in the 603 edition. The war against Businessism began and in a few years. The Prince Arsenal succeeded he reach one hand. Rafa and Aleppo and Aleppo in Syria Other. The business ministers saw that Fuku save the country. He helped the African governor. who sent his son, Hectorley, Constantanto with a strong fleet. Fox was immediately closed and Hockey made Emperor. He treated Fox as he treated Marsees. It happened in 610. D., the year Prophet was appointed.

The Romans were disappeared in a nearby area, and they would be defeated in a few years after they were lost. And those who believe will be pleased with God. He wants whom he wants. And He is the All-Mighty, the Merciful


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