Surah An Nasr Urdu,English Translation Free Download

Surah An Nasr Urdu,English Translation Free Download. (Arabic: سورة النصر) is the 110th sura of the Quran. Surah An Nasr mp3 audio.

This Sura is named after its first verse which means “Victory”. Another name for this Surah is Adhie Jha (Arabic: this place). In this Surah, there are three news about the future, the conquest of Mecca with a great victory and the final victory of Mecca, the conversion of the people of Mecca to Islam and pledge allegiance to the Prophet (saw). The death of Allah (SAW).

Surah Al Nasr Urdu,English Translation Free Download

Completion of prayers and victory against enemies are the hallmarks of reciting this Surah.


  • Naming

The famous name of Sura is “Al-Nasr” (Arabic: النصر). The reason for this name is that the word “ulnar” is used in the first verse of this sura and this Surah speaks of the victory of God. Another name for this Surah is “Adha Jaa” (Arabic: hence place), as it begins with the same phrase. The third name of this Surah is “Al-Tawad” (Arabic: التَْداء) because it was revealed to the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) till the end of his life.

  • Order and Place of Revelation

In the order of revelation upon the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him), there is Madani Surah and 102th Surah 102. This is the 110th volume su in the present compilation of the Quran. Some think that this Surah was the 111th or 112th Surah to be revealed to the Prophet (peace be upon him).

  • Number of Verses and Words

There are three verses of Surah An-Nusr, nineteen words and corresponding letters and the surahs are among the surahs (which include several short verses). Surah An-Nusr is one of the most comprehensive Surahs, which means that all its verses are revealed together. These are the fourteen to sixteen verses of the Quran revealed in Revelation.


In Surah Al-Nusra, God promises victory and help for his messenger. Announces that soon “you will see people entering the religion of Allah in the crowd”. In order to thank God for this victory and support. It commands the Prophet (SAW) to praise his Lord, and ask forgiveness from him. According to some exceptions such as Allama Tabatabi. This Surah was revealed in Medina after the Hadebia peace treaty. Before the conquest of Mecca. Therefore, God’s promises were a victory for Mecca.

Merits and Benefits

According to a hadith, whoever reads four rak’ats on the ninth night of Sha’baan, and in each rak’at reads Surah al-Nusr ten times after reciting Surah Fatiha (Qur’an 1), God will forbid his body from setting fire. (That means he will never be punished in hell) and for every verse he recites, God will reward him with the martyrdom of the Battle of Badr like the ten martyrs and religious scholars.

Also, there are some benefits to reciting this Surah such as completing prayers and conquering enemies.


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(English Translation)

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