Surah Al Qadr Urdu,English Translation Free Download

Surah Al Qadr Urdu,English Translation Free Download. Surah al-Qadr (Arabic: سورة القدر) or Anna-Anjalin-9 is the ninth chapter of the Qur’an.

This is Makki Sura in the thirteenth component of the Qur’an. The name “al-Qadr” comes from the first verse of Sura, which means the revelation of the Qur’an in good night value.

Surah Al-Qadr is about the magnificence, the goodies, and the blessings of the night, and the revelation of the angels of mercy on earth that night. The Shiites appealed to the inclusion of Surah to discuss the existence of a defective Imam on the earth until the Day of Judgment.

Surah Al Qadr Urdu,English Translation Free Download

The daily recitation of the Sun is recommended in some prayers and some prayers. It is also recommended that the Surah be read a thousand times overnight.


  • Naming

The name Sura is named “al-Qadr” because its first verse refers to the revelation of the Quran in good night. Surra is also known as “An Anzalna” because it opens with the phrase.

  • Order and Place of Revelation

Surah al-Qadr is a maki sura, and in the order of revelation, it is the twenty-fifth Surah revealed to the Prophet (peace be upon him). In the current compilation order, this surah is the ninth chapter of the Quran, located in Jose Thirty. Due to some hadiths, some Qur’anic exceptions have allowed the possibility of Surah being revealed in Madinah. When the Messenger of Allah (saw) saw in his dream that the Umayyads were climbing to his mausoleum, they were very sad. In this way the sun came down to comfort her.

  • The Number of Verses and Other Features

Sura al-Qadr has five verses, thirty words, and 114 letters. In terms of size, it counts as a subgroup of “resources” and a useful sura in a small sura of the Quran.


Usually the Sun is about the revelation of the Qur’an in the Sun, the greatness of the night (beyond a thousand months), the angels and “souls” of mercy, the prediction of the good fortune of the people, and the blessings of that night. ۔

Occasion of Revelation

On the eve of the descent of Surah al-Qadr. It is said that one day the Prophet (peace be upon him). Told his companions about the story of a man of Israel. Who had worn his war clothes for God for a thousand months. General Chat Chat Lounge His colleagues were surprised by this story. Then, the Surah al-Qadr was revealed, which states that night is more than a thousand months better than wearing combat attire for God’s sake.


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