Surah Al Maun Urdu,English Translation Free Download

Surah Al Maun Urdu,English Translation Free Download (Arabic: سورَة الماعون) or Araiya-la-lad (Arabic: رَأَيْتَ الَّذِي) is the 107th Quran. surah al maun with urdu translation mp3 free download This is Mickey Sura in the thirty-third justification of the Qur’an. The word “ma’amun” is found as the last word of the pig which means zakat or something useful.

The surah contains the attributes of the deniers of the Hour. The Qur’an characterizes those who do not give to those who do not give charity, call their prayers practically and are hypocritical. It is said that Surah al-Ma’aan was revealed in connection with Abu Sufyan.

Surah Al Maun Urdu,English Translation Free Download

There are good qualities to recite this Surah. For example, if one recites Surah Al-Alam after Isha prayers, God will forgive him, and he will protect him till morning prayer.


  • Naming

Surra is known as “Maun” and “Ara Ta Tad Ladhi”. “Ma’oon” comes from the end of the Surah, and “Aramaic Divine” comes from its beginning. It is said that in the era of ignorance, “Mamoun” signified a benefit (or something useful). After the appearance of Islam, it referred to zakat. Surah is known as “religion” (religion) and “denial” (denial or counterfeiting), these the two main topics of Surah.

  • Location and Order of Revelation

Surah Al-Alam is a Makki Surah, and in the order of revelation, it is the seventh Surah to revealed to Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). In the traditional composition of the compilation, it is the 107th Surah located in Jose Thirty.

  • Number of Verses and Other Features

The Surah has seven verses, twenty-five words and 114 letters. In terms of breadth, this is one of the main Surahs (with short and numerous verses).


Surah describes the attributes and actions of the denial of the resurrection. In five aspects: of their denial of the resurrection They refuse to donate to the path of God Refuse to help orphans and the poor. They Calling their prayers well, they are hypocritical, and they do not help those in need.

Merits and Benefits

There is a Hadith of the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) According to which, if one recites Surah Al-Mumon after Isha prayer. There is a hadeeth of Imam Sadiq (as), according to which If one recites Surah al-Ma’mun after the Asr prayer.

According to the other hadiths, if a person fails to recite Surah Almun in the obligatory and recommended prayers, God will accept his prayer and fast and he will no longer observe his deeds.


(Urdu Translation)


(English Translation)

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