Surah Al Masad Urdu,English Translation Free Download

Surah Al Masad Urdu,English Translation Free Download. (Arabic: سورة‌ المسد) or Surah-Tibet (Arabic: سورة التبطت) mp3 of the Quran.

This is a Mickey Sura located in Jose thirty. The last word of this Sura of is named Almsad (Palm Fiber) and Tibet is adopted from the first verse of this Sura.

Surah Al Masad Urdu,English Translation Free Download

In Sura al-Masad, it was revealed about Abu Lahab and his wife, who were fierce enemies of the Holy Prophet (saw) and mentioned them as residents of the fire. In this Surah, God called Abu Lahab’s wife “Hamdalat Hathbat” (fire carrier) and some commentators explained the reason why he threw thorn bushes in the way of the Prophet (SAW) so that he ( Them). Hurt. The hadeeth states that the Prophet (prayed that God should not read this pig whoever and Abu Lahab in one place [in the Hereafter]).


  • Naming

This Surah is called “Almsad” (woven palm fiber) [1] which is its last word. It is also called “Tibet”, which is the first word of Sura. Since this Surah is spoken about Abu Lahab, it is also known as Abu Lahab. [2]

  • Order and Place of Revelation

The Surah al-Masad was revealed at the first public feast of the Prophet. That way, it’s Mickey. [3] It was the sixth Surah of Revelation, and is now located in the Quran in the 111th Surah [uz] Jose thirty.

  • Number of Verses and Words

There are five verses of the Surah Al-Masaad, twenty-two words and XC letters. Regarding the volume, it is one of the details (with several short verses), and the Kaiser (short) Surahs of the Qur’an. []]


All part of Surat Al-Masad is about Abu Lahab and his wife. In this Surah, the destruction and acts of Abu Lahab are mentioned and it is promised that he and his wife will be punished in Hell. []] Tafseer-i-Nimuna mentions the only Surah of this Sura, in which an enemy of Islam is mentioned and writes, “The contents of this Surah indicate that Abu Lahab and his wife. Had shown enormous enmity to the Prophet (SAW).

Merits and Benefits

The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said, “I expect him who recites Surah Al-Masad, God does not place him and Abu Lahab in this place [in the Hereafter].” [13] This shows that such a person will be in Paradise.


(Urdu Translation)


(English Translation)

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