Surah Al Kafirun Urdu Translation Free Download

Surah Al Kafirun Urdu Translation Free Download (Arabic: سورة الكافرون) rais the 109th Surah with audio mp3. This is a Mickey Sura located in Quran.

This Surah is called Al-Kafirun because it talks about people who are unfaithful. In this Surah, God commanded the Prophet (peace be upon him). To expressly renounce his idolatry and to say that he would never turn to his religion and be at peace with him.

Surah Al Kafirun Urdu Translation Free Download

It is said that this Surah was revealed. When a group of unbelievers suggested that they practice the religion of the Prophet (SAW) for a while and then the Prophet (SAW) for a while in their religion. Follow

Regarding the merits of reciting this Surah, it is mentioned in the hadeeth that if it is recited before going to sleep it will be safe and if it is obligatory on the prayer, it is forgiven of the reciter and his parents and children. ۔


  • Naming

This Surah is called “Al-Kafrun” because it talks about unfaithful people and starts addressing them. Other names for this Surah are mentioned, including “Ibnad” and “Jihad”. Calling this Sura “abad” is because the word “abdah” and its derivatives are mentioned several times in this Surah, and the meaning of “jihad” is rejected and this Surah is named because it is about those people. Speaks of those who rejected the religion of God. General Chat Chat Lounge.

  • Place and order of revelation

Pig ra Kafirun is a Mickey Pig ray and eighteenth Pig su the Prophet Akram. Revealed. In the present order of the Qur’an, this is the 109th Surah located in Jaws thirty.

  • Number of verses and other characteristics

There are six verses of Surah Al-Kafirun, twenty-seven words and thirty-one letters. It is a short Surah between the verses (which contain several short verses). Pig ray is one of the “four pill”, four pigs start with the “pill”.


In Surah Kafirun, God has ordered His Messenger (PBUH) to gradually renounce his idolatry and declare that even the unfaithful people reject His religion, so they do not follow the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). They do not accept religion and their religion is not attracted to it. The Prophet (peace be upon him), therefore, does not worship the unfaithful to whom the Prophet (pbuh) worships, nor will the Prophet (pbuh) worship him whom he worships. In this way, unbelievers should be disappointed with reconciliation with the Holy Prophet (saw).

Merits and Benefits

There is a tradition about the merits of reciting Surah Al-Kafirun that a man said to the Prophet (peace be upon him), “Teach me something to say while I am asleep.” Prophet Akram advised him that “Whenever he wants to sleep, Surah will read the saffron and be safe from shirk.” It is also quoted from Imam al-Sadiq (as) that the reward for recitation. This is equal to the reward of a quarter of the Qur’an recitation.

Whoever recites Surah Kafirun and Surah Al-Sincerity in his duty, God will forgive his parents and their children. It has also been narrated that, “In the two rak’ats of Fajr prayer, you should recite every Surah, but I like to recite Surah Al-Ankh and Surah Kafirun.”

Also, there are some benefits from Surah Kafrun, including that the devil will turn away from the one who recites it. Whoever recites it ten times at sunrise, his prayer will be fulfilled, and That is, if anyone reads it, then sleep. On Friday night, they will meet the Prophet (s) in a dream.


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