Surah Al Ikhlas Urdu,English Translation Free Download

Surah Al Ikhlas Urdu,English Translation Free Download (Arabic: سورة الخلاص) or Surah Al Ikhlas mp3 audio (Arabic: التوحيد) is the 112th Surah of the Qur’an.

It is a Mickey Pig located in Jose thirty. This Surah al-Tawheed or Al-Khalis it speaks of the oneness of God and frees man from polytheism.

Surah Al Ikhlas Urdu,English Translation Free Download

The content of Sura’s sincerity is about the oneness of God and the inseparability of anything and the need of all beings for it. Many good qualities have been mentioned for Surah Sincerity, including that it equates to one-third of the Qur’an and its equivalent of three times the complete recitation of the Qur’an. The Hadith emphasizes its recitation in daily prayers. In one Hadith, the Prophet (Imam Ali (as)) refers to the sincerity as saying that the same three times recitation of sincerity is equivalent to the complete recitation of the Qur’an, the loving Imam Ali (as). , Love Islam (practically) with heart and hands.


  • Naming

This Surah is known as Surah Sincerity and Al-Tawheed. For the reason of the nomenclature, it is mentioned that it is designated as al-Tawhid (2 Tawheed) because God is united with God and His name is sincerity. Is, because considering its contents makes a person free from polytheism. Frees people from the fire of hell. Also in the hadiths and old sources, it is called Surah “Qal al-Hawa Allah Ahad” (say, He is Allah, the same) because this statement is the first verse of this Surah.

  • Place and Order of Revelation

Talbresi consider Sora’s sincerity, Mickey, and wrote that it was also said that he was Madani. Among the Sunni scholars, Al-Shu’it believe that the sovereignty had been reveal twice: once in Mecca and once in Medina; However, Allama Tabatabai wrote about the occasion of revelation. According to the events described. Pure sincerity, it looks like it was Mikey. In the order of revelation, Surah was a twenty second Surah reveale to the Prophet (pbuh). In the present compilation of compilations in the Quran, it is locate in Suraj Jaws thirty

  • Number of Verses and other Feature

Surah has five verses of sincerity, fifteen words, and forty-seven letters. This Sura Mathsala. Is one of the Surahs (which contains several short verses). The three Surahs of Surah Al-Ankh and Surah Kafrun (Qur’an 109), Surah Al-Anas (Qur’an 114), and Surah Al-A’laq (Qur’an 113) who say “Qul” are called Four Qur’an. The sincerity of the Sun is regarded as one of the most important Surahs, all of these verses were revealed simultaneously and simultaneously.


In Tafseer-ul-Mizan, Allama Tabatabi writes that Surah praises God with sincerity, and that all beings are in need of Him in all their affairs and that no one is His essence, attribute nor partner in action. This kind of unity is specific to the Quran. And all the basic (secondary, secondary, and moral) teachings of the Qur’an are based on it.

Merits and Benefits

Reporte from the Holy Prophet (PBUH) and Imam Baqir (AS) that sincerity equals one third of the Qur’an.
It is also narrated from Imam al-Hadhrat (AS) that whoever recites Surah Al-Surah and believes in it, [really] knows the oneness of God.
Narrate from the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him). That he (the Prophet) advised, “Read this surah too much. Because it is the light of the Qur’an.”
From Imam Ali (as), it is narrate that whoever recites Surah Sincerity and Surah al-Qadr (the Holy Qur’an 97) once a day or at night 100 times, Allah will give him a light in the grave which stands before him. Will go to heaven later and with it.
Also, Imam al-Sadiq (as) says, a person who passes a day and does not read Surah Al-Ahl in daily prayer, will be told, ‘You are not a worshiper’.
In the Hadith, it has some advantages, such as blinking eyes, protecting a person on his journey (if recited eleven times) and protecting fifty angels during sleep, Eliminating poverty, [२ 27]] Forgiveness of sins (if recited in two rak’ah prayers twice a night or on Friday) and the completion of prayer (if this surah al-Fatihah) After reading in the first rak’ah after a) ‘a) of prayer.


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