Surah Al Humazah Urdu,English Translation Free Download

Surah Humazah Urdu,English Translation Free Download (Arabic: سورة الهمَزَة) or Surah Lumza (Arabic: سورة الُمَزَة) is the 104th sura of the Quran. This is a Mickey Pig ray located in the 13th Jose. The words “humza” and “lomaza” mean “scandal” and “abusive”. In this Surah, God warns those who hoard wealth and seek to gain authority over the people by saying that they will be punished with fire.

Surah Humazah Urdu,English Translation Free Download

Some think that it has been revealed about Surah Al-Uleed b. The al-Mugherah who insulted the Prophet (SAW). Another group that considered the group who wanted to discredit the Prophet (SAW).

The beauty of reciting Surah Al-Hamazah is that it is stated that whoever recites it in daily prayer, he will be free from poverty and will receive more daily food, and he will avoid the horrible forms of death. And as mentioned in one of the hadiths, the world will receive as much reward.


  • Naming

The reason for the name of Surah Al-Hamazah is that in his first verse the word “Al-Hamazah” is mentioned. Another name for this Surah is “Al Lumza”. This word is also mentioned in this supra. The words “humza” and “lomaza” mean “scandal” and “abusive”. There is disagreement about the true meaning of these words. For example, some have said that “gay” means “finding fault in one’s presence” while “lomaza” means lying and backing in the absence of a person or vice versa.

  • Place and Order of Revelation

Surah Al-Hamazah is a maki-pig and thirty-two Surahs were revealed to the Prophet (peace be upon him). This Surah is the 104th Surah in the present compilation of the Quran.

  • Number of Verses and Words

There are nine verses, thirty-three words, and 134 letters of the Surah Al-Hamazah. This Surah Mifsalat is one of the Surahs (with several short verses) and the short Surahs of the Qur’an which is located in Jaws thirty.


This Surah is a severe warning for those who like to accumulate wealth and want to dominate the people. That way, they try to find fault with the people. They think that wealth makes them everlasting, when it doesn’t, and their final destination will be hell.

Merits and Benefits

From Imam Sadiq (as), it is reported that whoever recites this Surah in daily prayers, he will be free from poverty and get more sustenance daily, and will avoid the horrible forms of death. It is mentioned in a hadith, the world will receive the reward. Also, it is narrated from the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) that whoever recites it will receive ten times more rewards than the number of abusers of the Prophet (peace be upon him) and his companions.

Some of the hadiths have mentioned the benefits of reciting this Surah such as avoiding evil, and avoiding deep gaze.


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