Surah Al Hashr With Urdu,English Translation Download

Surah Al Hashr With Urdu,English Translation Download. Surah Al Hashr Mp3 (Arabic: سورة الحشر, “Gospel”) is the fifth chapter of Chapter 5 (Surah) and 24 verse. This chapter is given as the word ‘Asmat’ or ‘Asmat’ means that in verse 2, it is described to exclude the ancient tribe of Jews from their homes. The last three verses of the Surah include the features of God’s attributes. An example is described in verse 21. The verse number 6 may be related to the ground conflict.

Surah Al Hashr With Urdu,English Translation Download

Surah al-Hashr is the fifth century of the Qur’an. It is a Medieval Surah located in the 8th century. The name of the Surah is passe by the second verse, which mentions the exile of the Jews from Medina. Surah Al-Hashim begins with praising God and ends with praises. The topics mentioned in this Surah are defeated by Muslims by Muslims, orders about distribution and distribution of property are obtained without Muslims, criticize hypocrites and show their actions. Describe and appreciate immigrant sacrifices.

It is mentioned in Hadith that when Surah Al-Ahr recited, all creatures appreciate it and send blessings on him, and ask forgiveness for him, and if he dies on that day or night, he will be martyred. Considered.


  • Naming

This Surah is call al-Hasith as Hadith, in the second verse. It speaks the time of “Al-Nursher” ie “Bano Nader” to transmit and destroy a large scale of Jews. Who fought with Muslims and broke their agreement. Thus, another Surah’s name is “Bano Nadar”.

  • Order and Place of Revelation

Hole Al-Islam is in Madness. This 101th Surah has been reveal from the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him). This is the fifty ninth Surah in the present compilation of Surah Koran in which Jajj is situate in twenty eight.

  • Number of Verses and Other Features

There are twenty fourth verses of Surah Al-Ahm, 448 words, and 971 characters. This Surah is in the interests of length and is almost half. This Surah is in Musabbihat Surat.


Surah Al-Hashim starts with praise of God , and at the end of the Surah, in the last verses, attributes of God’s beauty and beauty and the great and beautiful names of God have been mentioned.

The following issues are describe in this Surah:

The story of the Jews of Bano Nader and their defeat and their exile from Muslims,
The boundaries of distribution and distribution of property without Muslims without war,
The criticism of the hypocrites and their actions,
Description and definition of immigrant sacrifices. There is a special relationship between the start and end of Surah al-Asha; as begins with the praise and ends of God.


(Urdu Translation)


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