Surah Al Fajr With Urdu,English Translation Download

Surah Al Fajr With Urdu,English Translation Download. Surah Al Fajr mp3 (Arabic: Fajr) or Al-Sabah-ul-Sadiq (Arabic: الصبح الصادق, صلح صبح) or Alfaq al-Sadiq. (Arabic: الفجر الصادق, سچ طنز) is a night after night, the bright light is spread over the horizon. Fajr is the beginning of the morning prayer and it is the best time to perform. Some Islamic practical decisions such as: Fasting have been related since that day.

Surah Al Fajr With Urdu,English Translation Download
In the Middle East, two tables are seen early in the morning, some are called Alfaq al-Qaida (false morning) and the other name is called Alfaqq al Sadeq. Al-Qaida is a light that appears in the sky’s length and vertically spreads rather than spreading the horizon. Al-al-Sadiq, which comes after a few minutes, expands and covers all the heavens.

In the Quran, al-Fitrq Sadiq is mentioned as “Al-Buktab al-Ahiyad” (al-Taqi al-Ibziz, white thread), after which fasting and drinking is forbidden in the fasting and the time of fajr prayer begins. The time between al-al-Sadiq and sun is called bin al-Tulha (between Ben-Lamulin, two dimensions).


The meaning of the word “fever” is the appearance of something else, for example, the light and light of its light is split out and the fountain is coming out. However, the word is used to mean the early light of morning or early morning. There are two types of fajr: al-al-Sadeq and al-al-Qala.

Al-Fajr al-Kadhib

Alfaqq al-Jibb (false morning) or light is a time when the night will end, and the bright light on the first horizon for the first time after the nighttime appears. This light appears vertically. At that moment, even though the night is over, the time of prayer is not yet come.

The trend is an expansive reflection of sunlight by the sunset, which is seen as light glow cone with a full range of sunlight during sunlight. The brightness of Poor corruption is very small that it is seen only in the rural areas and dark areas and it can not understand it in big cities. The best area to face trend is equality letter. This light is also seen during the sunset.

Al-Fajr al-Sadiq

Alfaqq al Sadiq, which comes after minutes after al-Qaida, when a white light is spread over horizons. This moment is the beginning of al-Al-Sadiq and the time of the Fajr prayer. As the brightness of the al-al-Sadeq’s gradually increasing stars disappear in its light. Salah al-Sabah ends with the first ray of sun.


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