Surah Al Alaq With Urdu Translation Free Download

Surah Al Alaq With Urdu Translation Free Download. Al-Alaq (Arabic: alq, “ax” or “clinging thing”) is the 96th chapter (Surah) of the Qur’an Mp3. It consists of 19 verses, and it is traditionally believe that the first revelation was on Muhammad Muhammad in Mecca in the cave of Harah in the hill Jabal al-Nur. Surah Al Alaq It is traditionally believe that the first five verses (1-5) of the Surah al-Alaq have been reveal, however this is not the first fully complete Surah to be reveal and in fact has been reveal in 3 parts. It is sometimes known as Sirat Ikri As.

Surah Al Alaq With Urdu Translation Free Download

The meaning of ‘alaq

The linguistic definition of the jurisprudence (the only al-Qa’aqah) is “junk”, “medicine zinc”, “frozen blood”, “blood clotting”, or “the initial stage of the fetus”. [1] Al-Qa’aq is also derivative of the word, meaning “attached to something and hung.” These meanings include the basic idea of ​​wrapping or sticking. “[3]

The term algae is the second phase of prenatal development (Sura Mu Al-Mumunun 23: 12-14), which initially describes the initial external and internal characteristics of the fetus. []] The term Alqa found in several Arabic-relate languages. The Hebrew word is alik (or aluka), the common name for any blood-sucking worm or liver, []] and Aramaic and Syriac have words that apparently have similar meanings.

Period of revelation

This Surah has two parts: the first contains vv. 1-5, and the second VV 6–19. The majority of Islamic scholars agree that the first part. Is the first revelation to be reveal to Muhammad to Reve1010. There is an authentic hadith on this topic. In it, Ayesha tells the whole story of the beginning of the revelation when she herself heard from Muhammad. In addition, Ibn Abbas, Abu Musa Ashari. A group of Companions have also stated that these were. The first verse of the Qur’an that were revealed to Muhammad. [Citation needed]

The second part was reveal later, Muhammad Muhammad start pray around the Ka’bah, Abu Jahl to stop him from threats.


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